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Tigger Tales is a collection of Tigger TV “episodes" that run on Instagram and Facebook Social Media platforms. “Hello world. As many of you know, I am Tigger Balou, the first-born foal of Hanoverian stallion Beau Balou. I was born March 23, 2020, just as Covid 19 was taking hold of the world and, as many people were staying home to isolate, they turned to social media for entertainment. I guess I became a bit famous because my hooman mom took lots of pictures and video to document my adventures. For the first few weeks/months of my life I used to bounce and trounce about a lot, so everyone nicknamed me Tigger Balou. My real name is Balou Ay Am. My mother is a thoroughbred whose name is 'Ay Ay Ay' and the hoomans wanted to incorporate her name too. So, my name is a play on the words “Balou I Am”, but with reference to my mother."   ~ @Tigger_Balou

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Tigger Balou

"My story really began on April 11, 2019, when my mother was confirmed pregnant with me. My hooman mom Mom announced it to the world and thought she was being funny by drawing 4 white socks, a big blaze, and a belly spot on my ultrasound picture that is on the cover of my very first book! Well, lo and behold, that’s how I popped out!! Something about putting one’s intentions out to the universe.


"Welcome to my world of Tigger TV"
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Tigger's First Book

Tigger's first book is a collection of both photos and videos from his first 6 weeks of life at Look Ahead Sporthorses. A great gift for your horsey friends and family, you can read along and follow the adventures of Tigger and his friends & family.  The eBook is a downloadable link that you can read anytime! 

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