Our Horses

Our horses are bred and trained to be amateur friendly and sound. They range in age from newborn foals to seniors in their late 20s, as we believe we owe it to our wonderful horses that have given us so much, to keep them until the end. The mares in our breeding program are very carefully selected as mares contribute at least 60% to the outcome of the offspring. Correctness, temperament, show record, soundness and pedigree are the 5 top considerations when we choose to breed a mare. 


Our horses are not bubble-wrapped and not babied (too much, lol) but they are provided with top notch care. That includes individualized feeding, exercise, safe housing, and, above all, top staff who are trained how to interact with them and what to watch for. Our stable is also supported by the best healthcare professionals in the industry - veterinarians and surgeons, farriers, and body workers. 


When you buy a horse from us, you are not just buying that individual, but you are buying years of effort, knowledge and experience that went into producing that horse. 

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